3 Reasons To Choose Blackbutt For Your Hardwood Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is a timeless and stunning addition that appeals to many Australian homeowners. It's versatile and works with any style of decor, from traditional through to contemporary. Timber floors add a natural beauty and warmth to a home that simply can't be recreated with other flooring types.

For the best quality and a highly durable and attractive finish, it's best to opt for a hardwood floor over softwood varieties. Although hardwood may cost you a little more, it's worth the added expense to take your timber floor from average to amazing. Blackbutt timber has seen an increase in popularity as a material for hardwood flooring. Here are three reasons why blackbutt flooring might make the perfect addition to your home.

1. It's cost-effective

Blackbutt isn't cheap in comparison to softwood timbers such as pine or cedar, but it's one of the most cost-effective options for hardwood varieties. It costs considerably less per metre than many other popular hardwood varieties such as Spotted Gum, Ironbark or Brushbox.

Blackbutt is affordable because it grows in abundance in the wild and is also grown easily in timber plantations. Its straight grain also makes it easy to mill with very little waste, which translates as savings for the consumer.

2. It's highly durable

Blackbutt isn't the hardest timber that you can get for flooring, but it's rated highly on the scale that's used to determine the strength and solidity of timber. It's strong enough to have a lifespan of many decades, yet not so hard that working with it is difficult and arduous.

Blackbutt is a eucalyptus variety and has the dense, heavily oiled wood that is synonymous with these Australian natives. These properties contribute immensely to its durability, preventing the cracking and splitting that occur with age in many less dense timbers with a lower oil content.

3. It's versatile

Blackbutt is a pale timber ranging from blonde through to darker tans. Lighter blackbutt is usually from plantation trees or the timber from the outer edges of the tree, known as sapwood. The darker hues are found when the inner parts of the tree are used, which is known as heartwood.

The pleasing colours of blackbutt and the attractive yet refined grain make it perfect for simply oiling or waxing to enjoy the natural beauty of the timber. It's structure also makes it one of the most receptive timbers to stain, varnish or paint if you so desire.