5 Benefits of Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Floor sanding is a process that strips away the top surface of a floor, leaving it ready for refinishing. It is a more intensive process than simple floor polishing and can have great benefits for your floor over both the long and the short term. Here are five reasons to invest in floor sanding and refinishing.

1. Floor Sanding Prevents Damage

Wooden floors are beautiful, but they are also vulnerable to damage. A wooden floor that does not have a strong layer of protection on its surface can easily become scratched by the movement of feet and furniture. Sanding and refinishing apply a protecting coating to the floor which protects the wood from scratches and other types of damage.

2. Floor Sanding Makes Cleaning Easier

One of the biggest everyday benefits of floor sanding is that it makes cleaning easy. Whereas floors that have been neglected are full of dips, cracks and creases that collect dirt, a floor that has recently been sanded and refinished is smooth, which makes it easy to clean. You can simply sweep or mop away dust and dirt, leaving your floor perfectly clean with a minimum amount of effort.

3. Floor Sanding May Help With Allergies

A consequence of being able to clean your floors more thoroughly is that you might notice a decrease in allergy symptoms. Some substances that can collect in dents and scratches in a poorly maintained floor, such as pet hair and pollen, can trigger respiratory symptoms in sensitive people. Free yourself from itchy eyes and a runny nose by sanding and refinishing your floor so you can easily keep it clean.

4. Maintain the Value of Your Floor

A wooden floor can be a valuable asset, but only if it is in good condition. If you are trying to sell your home, then a floor that needs a lot of work or needs to be replaced could put off potential buyers, whereas one that looks beautiful and in perfect condition could attract a higher offer.

5. Change the Appearance of Your Floor

When you sand and refinish your floor, you have an opportunity to customise your floor. Choose from various stain colours for the finish of your floor to subtly change the appearance of your home. If you have always thought that your floor looked too dark, sanding is the only way to remove the old stain so that you can apply something lighter and fresher. To learn more, contact a floor sanding service.