Keeping Your Teak Floors in Top Condition

Timber flooring is one of the most attractive materials that you could consider for your residence. Thus, it is not surprising to find that wood flooring remains a classic option for homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance to their interior design. Nevertheless, keeping timber flooring pristine can be intensive. If you are looking to install new flooring on your deck or high traffic areas, you should consider teak as your chosen timber species. Here are a few maintenance tips to keeping your teak floors in top condition.

Always eliminate debris from the floors

Although teak is a resilient hardwood species, this does not mean it is immune to acquiring cosmetic damages. The most common cause of scratches and dents on your teak floors would be debris that is left to accumulate on the floor. As people walk on your teak floors, the debris becomes embedded into the grain of the wood, causing cosmetic damages. In addition to this, if the debris is dragged around under the soles of shoes, you will begin to notice the sheen of the teak floors steadily starts to dull. A good measure to take would be to instruct all visitors in your home to take off their shoes before they tread on your teak floors. Secondly, ensure that the teak floors are vacuumed routinely with a brush attachment to suck out any dirt that has made its way into the joints of the floors.

Prevent water spots with ammonia

Timber flooring should be protected from excessive moisture exposure, or they will begin to warp and buckle as they absorb moisture, which causes them to expand and contract. Another reason for concern, especially with teak, is water spots. Teak flooring may be resilient, but it is prone to developing water spots when it is mopped overzealously. However, this does not mean that you should never clean you timber flooring with water. To eliminate these water spots, you should mix ammonia in your water before wiping down your floors. The ammonia removes the water spots and restores the original appearance of the teak, keeping your flooring attractive for the long term.

Restore its lustre

One of the reasons why teak is a popular timber flooring material is its innate ability to repel insects and stay hydrated. Teak is capable of doing this through because of the natural oils that it produces. Nevertheless, as the teak ages, its natural oils begin to deplete. It is important to try to restore the lustre of your teak flooring by having it oiled on a routine basis. The oil also works to prevent the growth of mould on your teak floors while keeping them smooth and shiny.