4 Reasons To Use Water-Based Timber Floor Polish Instead Of Oil-Based

Polishing your timber flooring can enhance its appearance while adding a protective layer that helps extend its life. When you want to polish your floor, there are two main options from which to choose — you can either opt for a water-based polish or an oil-based polish.

Oil-based polishes do offer some benefits, and many people are attracted to them simply because they are cheaper than water-based polishes. However, water-based timber floor polishes offer a range of benefits that often make them the best choice.

Here are just four reasons to choose water-based timber floor polish over oil-based timber floor polish.

1. Fewer Chemicals

One of the main issues with oil-based polishes is that they contain chemicals and substances derived from petroleum. As such, they emit strong fumes after application. This won't last forever, but it can affect your home's air quality. This is likely to be of particular concern to people with pets or young children. Water-based polishes don't suffer from the same issues. They contain far fewer chemicals, so you won't need to worry about air quality. In fact, tools used to apply water-based polish to timber flooring don't even need to be cleaned after use.

2. Faster Drying

When you treat your timber flooring with an oil-based polish, you'll need to wait a day or more for it to dry. If you're going to be applying several coats, that could mean the process takes a couple of days. Water-based polishes dry considerably faster. Your flooring should be dry within a few hours, which means you can apply several coats in one day.

3. Natural Colours

Applying an oil-based polish to your timber flooring will slightly change its natural colour to a slightly darker tone. Over time, UV exposure will change that colour to a deep yellow or amber. For some homeowners, this is exactly what they want. However, most prefer to retain the natural appearance of their timber flooring, and water-based polish can help make that happen. Since it is a clear coat, the natural colour of your flooring will be maintained, the grain structure will be highlighted and colours won't darken over time.

4. Durability

Many people assume that oil-based polishes will be the most durable option, but this isn't necessarily the case. In fact, technological advancements made over the last few decades have allowed water-based polishes to last much longer than they once did. Additionally, oil-based polishes tend to be softer than water-based polishes, and that makes them more vulnerable to denting. With a water-based polish, dents won't be such a concern.

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