Tips to keep a carpet as good as new

Our carpets suffer a lot. They are constantly scuffed by our feet and our furniture, fade in sunlight, and sometimes suffer from spills and burns. Everyone knows how a new carpet can transform a home, but how can you protect it once it is installed? Here are some of the easiest—and cheapest—ways of keeping your carpet as good as new.


Make sure every entrance to your home has a doormat. As well as keeping mud and water out of the house, a "welcome" mat conveys a friendly message to friends and visitors. Make sure you use a weatherproof mat, and choose one with a thick non-slip backing so it doesn't creep away. Just make sure everyone knows to wipe their feet!

Shoes off

Keep a clear distinction between outdoor and indoor footwear. Both are designed for different surfaces, and your battle to keep dirt away from the carpet will be much easier if your friends and family don't tread it in in the first place. Make sure there's a convenient place to take off and store outdoor shoes right at the threshold. And here's a tip if your family uses more than one door in your house; keep a set of indoor footwear by each door.


No matter what you've got on your feet, high traffic areas such as doorways will wear down faster than the rest of your carpet. Keep your carpet new by putting down a tough-wearing rug. As well as protecting your carpet it will be much easier to clean; and if it does wear out, much cheaper to replace.

Food and drink

Everyone has a favourite tip to get red wine out of a carpet. But the simplest method is not to spill it in the first place. Keep food and drink in the kitchen or dining room. If you must eat in the lounge, sit at a table. If you must eat or drink watching the television, use large trays and—once again—put a rug down. Keep food and drink away from your carpet. That way, you'll never find yourself looking at a difficult stain wishing you had been a bit more careful.

A fresh-looking carpet can make the rest of your home feel fresh; and with a little forethought and common sense, you can keep it in good condition for many, many years, and save yourself some time and money in the process.